Sort Of Good News For NIH

So the Republican-controlled House is pretty much telling Il Trumpe et alia they’re not happy with his proposed NIH budget (boldface mine):

In a bill released this week, lawmakers in the US House of Representatives are seeking a 3 percent increase to the National Institutes of Health’s budget, as GenomeWeb has reported.

It adds that the Labor, Health and Human Services, and Education committee has proposed that NIH receive funding to the tune of $35.2 billion for fiscal year 2018 — $8.6 billion more than what President Donald Trump requested. In March, the Trump Administration’s funding blueprint called for an 18 percent cut to the NIH budget, a proposal it repeated in May. This bill “explicitly rejects” that plan, Nature News adds.

The House bill would also prevent proposed cuts to overhead payments, ScienceInsider says. As a means of offsetting some of its proposed cuts, the Trump Administration also suggested capping overhead payments made to institutions housing research labs.

That’s a much-needed greater than inflation budget increase (after years of below-inflation increases). That said, it’s the house Republicans, so of course they banned fetal tissue research.

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