As Disappointing As Being a Liberal Can Be…

..being a movement conservative would be downright disturbing. Joshua Holland explains (boldface mine):

Consider, then, what it must be like to be a true-blue Rush Limbaugh fan, or someone who thinks Michele Bachmann is a serious lawmaker with a grasp of the issues – put yourself into that person’s shoes for a moment, and consider what a nightmarish landscape the world around them must represent:

The White House has been usurped by a Kenyan socialist named Barry Soetero, who hatched an elaborate plot to pass himself off as a citizen of the United States – a plot the media refuse to even investigate. This president doesn’t just claim the right to assassinate suspected terrorists who are beyond the reach of law enforcement – he may be planning on rounding up his ideological opponents and putting them into concentration camps if he is reelected. He may have murdered a blogger who was critical of his administration, but authorities refuse to investigate. At the very least, he is plotting on disarming the American public after the election, in accordance with a secret deal cut with the UN and possibly with the assistance of foreign troops.

Again, these ideas are not relegated to the fringe of forwarded emails. Glenn Beck talked about FEMA camps on Fox News (he later debunked them, which only fueled charges of a media coverup); dozens of Republican elected officials have at least hinted that they are birthers, while an erstwhile front-runner for the GOP nomination has repeatedly claimed that Obama is not eligible to be president. The head of the NRA, and the GOP’s presidential nominee have both claimed Obama is plotting to take Americans’ guns.

In reality, Americans are safer and more secure today than at any point in human history. But inhabitants of the world of the hard-right are surrounded by danger – from mobs of thugs at home to a variety of powerful and deadly enemies abroad.

It’s one thing to be angry about someone getting a raw deal, or upset about misery and suffering. If nothing else, wanting society to work better for more people is a good thing–and we can have sincere disagreements about what “better” means and how to achieve. But these guys are panicked. It’s almost as if they’ve replaced happiness with fear.

Maybe we should be thankful they’re not even crazier than they already are.

I almost feel sorry for them. Conservatives of the world, you have nothing to lose but your chains….

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2 Responses to As Disappointing As Being a Liberal Can Be…

  1. HCA says:

    Welcome to “why I try not to bring up politics with my family”. My mom has actually called my sister in tears asking why my sister and I hated America so much.

  2. Leo says:

    Richard Hofstadter’s term is still the best — “double sufferers.”

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