Links 7/15/17

Links for you. Science:

Comparison of classical multi-locus sequence typing software for next-generation sequencing data
Look At This Fucking Shit
One step closer to a gonorrhoea vaccine?
Alcohol addiction led to True Blood actor Nelsan Ellis’s death. He’s far from alone.
Are We as Doomed as That New York Magazine Article Says?


The Collusion Walls Start to Close In on the Trump Family
What on Earth Is Wrong With Connecticut?
Dr. SkySkull in Rome: Walking the city
Trump supporter admits writing anti-Trump graffiti at elementary school to try to frame liberals
What Do the Russians ‘Have’ on the Trump Family? Fear.
Don’t Leave Health Care to a Free Market
How Rich Would Bill Gates Be Without His Copyright on Windows?
Open Door to Moscow? New Facts in the Potential Criminal Case of Trump Campaign Coordination with Russia
Will Trump Kill the Bourbon Boom?
On Matthew effects
We are past the point of innocent explanations on Trump and Russia
These Italian Cold Cuts Are Ruining America, Says David Brooks: Is a D.C. sandwich shop really a hotbed of upper-middle-class “humiliation and exclusion”?
Why we pronounce “Grosvenor” as “Grove-nor”
A Gay DC Power Couple Is Remaking a West Virginia Town. Not Everyone Is Happy About It.
How long will America believe Trump’s lies about Russia?

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