I Know Just Where To Find Sane Conservatives

In Silicon Valley (boldface mine):

Soon after two Silicon Valley billionaires launched an online initiative to rejuvenate the Democratic Party Monday night, veteran progressive political operatives began mocking it as an out-of-touch vanity project…

Wealthy centrists have already invested vast sums of money in technocratic schemes to reform government, with mixed success.

Hauser compared Win The Future to No Labels, a Washington-based group that pushes bipartisan process changes such as filibuster reform and has largely fizzled in its efforts.

“I literally do not understand the point of this. It’s basically No Labels 2.0,” Hauser said…

That doesn’t mean there’s no place for Hoffman and Pincus to try their hand at politics, Hauser suggested ― they are just trying it in the wrong party.

It would be much more valuable for the world if sane, but conservative, self-protective rich people who are against bigotry and recognize that climate science is real became forces within the Republican Party and supported sane Republicans in primaries rather than water down the message of the Democratic Party and its commitment to economic equality and social justice,” he said.

If the Republican Party didn’t dog-whistle (and air-raid siren on occasion) to racists and theocrats, the Republican Party would be the obvious place for many of these guys (and we are talking about mostly men here). They do need to take back their party, it’s just they’re looking at the wrong party.

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