Links 7/9/17

Links for you. Science:

Study paints a confused picture of how insecticides are affecting bees
Satellite temperature data, leaned on by climate change doubters, revised sharply upward
Trump Administration Greenlights a Project That Will Devastate California’s Most Fragile Ecosystems
Trump’s plan to eliminate EPA regional programs puts public health ‘in jeopardy’
Trump and Pruitt are the biggest threat to the EPA in its 47 years of existence


Bernie Sanders and the Progressive Left’s Selfless Defense of Obamacare (if we were the awful people some New Democrats claim we are, we would let Obamacare die)
Mike Pence: The servile schemer who would be president
New Mexico health reporter: ‘I’ve yet to find a story that didn’t have its roots in poverty’
Does military equipment lead police officers to be more violent? We did the research.
Medicaid Worsens Your Health? That’s a Classic Misinterpretation of Research
Red-state school leaders vent frustrations with GOP health bill
Paul Krugman Warns Us of the Terror of Tariffs
Inside Trump’s Disastrous ‘Secret’ Drug War Plans for Central America
The unexpected political power of dentists
America, July 4, 2017
Democrats STILL haven’t grasped how badly they devastated their bench by just assuming for the last 10 years that Hillary would be president
Your Republican Congressmen
In emails, then-Baylor regent calls students suspected of drinking ‘perverted little tarts’ (lots of people who run universities are garbage)
Finally Everyone Agrees: Health Care Is a Human Right: Let’s hope we all remember the moral arguments about health care once the Trump administration ends
DC Circulator woes show why local buses can’t always replace Metrobus
The Democrats Are Eisenhower Republicans
How to Love This Freaky Country
How to Deal With North Korea
The myth of guest workers’ threat to US jobs is coming home to roost in Trump country

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