If Scanning Bags Poorly Were An Actual Security Risk…

…then wouldn’t we place security over profit (boldface mine):

Bottles, cans, paper: [DHS Secretary John] Kelly also noted that people are carrying more onto planes now to avoid checked-bag fees, and it’s creating problems for TSA. “They can’t tell what’s in the bags anymore,” he said. He hinted that a system TSA is currently testing — in which passengers have to unpack their carry-on luggage and separate food, electronics, and paper into separate bins — would “likely” be expanded nationwide and that DHS is “working out the tactics, techniques and procedures” in the test airports “to find out exactly how to do that with the least amount of inconvenience.”

Maybe airlines could forgo yet another way to gouge customers, so that TERRORISTS DON’T MURDER EVERYBODY. Or maybe this is mostly security theater? Because the one thing that has made flying miserable (for me, anyway) is the scramble to shove ALL THE THINGS IN THE OVERHEAD COMPARTMENT. There’s a reason professionals are paid to do this underneath the plane, as opposed to randos pulled off the street.

I’m willing to play the national security card to get rid of this crap.

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