Links 5/30/17

Links for you. Science:

What Does Trump’s Budget Mean for the Environment?
Nabsys Aims to Commercialize Genome Mapping Instrument Next Year
Caltech Professor Who Harassed Women Was Also Investigated For Creating An Imaginary Female Researcher
How to Really Save the Bees
Is neuroscience doomed to go round in circles?


Why Does ‘The New York Times’ Have So Little Respect for Its Readers? (because readers don’t cancel/scale back their subscriptions)
NYT: Value Not Added
Why Are Canada’s Prescription Drugs So Much Cheaper Than Ours?
To State The Obvious
A Quick Note About Single Payer
The Musk of Success, Choking Our Cities
Trump Is Not Even Pretending to Keep Promise to Donate All Hotel Profits From Foreign Governments
The Blue-Slip Rule Is On Its Last Legs (Democrats need to learn from this–push the limits)
Maryland Warns Clock Could Start Ticking On Purple Line
Gianforte Issues Stomach-Turning “Apology”
Trump’s Cuts to SNAP and Social Security Would Hit the Rust Belt Hard (they don’t care. They never did.)
Trump might be president, but Mike Pence is the real liar-in-chief
From employment to “employability”: A new way to look at workforce development
It’s All About Trump’s Contempt
The zombie robot argument lurches on
“Nothing but Slumlords”: Jared Kushner’s life as a predatory capitalist is the perfect symbol for the Trump White House
Cops complain about white people wasting police time calling 911 with irrational fears of Black people
The Republicans Broke American Politics, and Media Elites Are Blind to It

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