Links 5/31/17

Links for you. Science:

Trump Budget Would Cut E.P.A. Science Programs and Slash Cleanups
The US government is finally telling people that homeopathy is a sham
The Poisoned Generation
Trump Wants Science Cuts, and Congress Responds With a Portrait
We’ll Never See These Animals Again


The 2016 Primary Will Never End
Statehood Bill Officially Introduced In The Senate, Where It Has Very Slim Chances
Those Who Do Not Remember History…
The White House Flouts Ethics Rules
The Democrats ‘Pity Platform Problem’
Did Michael Flynn Lobby for the Turkish Government?
The Democrats Need a New Message
Political Purity Test? I Don’t Think So
Mark Zuckerberg Hates Black People
The Online Radicalization We’re Not Talking About
The Real Story of the Battle for California Democratic Party Chair
What Do Millennials Spend All Their Money On?
Random Thoughts On Using VAM for Teacher Evaluation
When Your Child Is a Psychopath
Watching the downfall of a generation of Washington Republicans
Governor Baker asks US Senate not to undermine Massachusetts’ success

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2 Responses to Links 5/31/17

  1. jrkrideau says:

    As a psychometrician, my opinion of VAM models is that they probably have the same reliability, and hence validity, as throwing dice. No wait, throwing unbiased dice might be better.

  2. Chris G says:

    Re Taibbi
    1. He’s right that you can’t give up on people.
    2. There are limits beyond which you shouldn’t compromise.
    3. The difference between being at the limit of your willingness to compromise and giving up on someone may not be apparent from a quick look.
    4. The national Democratic Party should have offered more resources to Thompson and Quist not because they expected them to win but as a demonstration that they haven’t given up on KS or MT.
    5. So if the Dems need a new message then what should that new message be? I’ll bet that a significant fraction of those who say Dems are out of touch either don’t have a coherent suggestion for what a good way forward is (“rational ignorance”) or their preferred path forward is a kinder, gentler Republicanism. Should we accommodate those views? How much effort should we spend trying to win them over?
    6. In a number of Midwestern states Democratic vote totals were way down from 2008 while Republican votes didn’t increase much. (Michigan comes to mind. I don’t have the numbers handy.) We need to win those voters back.

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