Links 2/2/17

Links for you. Science:

“Climate Change is a Hoax ….Big Money For Scientists to get Grants….Climate Change is Welfare for Scientists!!”
Down Syndrome heading for extinction in Denmark
5 Ways a Post-Antibiotic Era Could Change Medicine
For 9 years (2006-2015), Stephen Harper was the Prime Minister of Canada. He attacked science in Canada like Trump threatens to in the US
After the Oxbow: Along the Mississippi River, largely beyond our notice, an essential wildlife habitat is beginning to disappear. Can it be saved?


Rubio wants to let guns onto D.C. streets. Why not let them into the Capitol?
Republican comedy
Lawsuit alleges Baylor football rape scandal more widespread than reported
Donald Trump has assembled the worst Cabinet in American history
Even the firm that hired actors to cheer Trump’s campaign launch had to wait to be paid
Populism and Totalitarianism
President Trump – Emperor Trump
I think this punching Nazis debate is one of several brushfires that have come up as people realize the central hole in American liberalism (though I think we should stop using the terms liberalism and liberal, since no one agrees on what they mean)
Trump’s Private Security Force: an Operational and Legal Swamp
Racial Progress Is Real. But So Is Racist Progress.
America, You Look Like an Arab Country Right Now
Is Donald Trump’s Insecurity a National Security Threat?
Trump’s Economic Strategy Is Looking More and More Like a Right-wing Governor’s
Can The Democrats Win The 3 GOP-Held Seats In Iowa In 2018?
Beyond the Usual Suspects: Saturday’s marches were successful because they rallied millions, not just a small core of activists.

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