This Is Clearly The Hardest Trump Has Had To Work In A Long Time

So yesterday was a complete foreign policy disaster: Trump, in one day, managed to threaten Mexico with invasion, and insult one of our most loyal allies, Australia. According to CNN, the disaster with Australia was due to Trump being tired: “It was at the end of a long day & he was tired & fatigue was setting in.”

Since the stories about this broke at around 8pm EST, presumably the call was earlier than 8pm. While it’s tempting to joke about Trump being “low energy” or snark about how Clinton was supposedly too ill to handle the job…oops just did.

Anyway, the point is this probably the hardest Trump has had to work in years. There aren’t really any days off and lots of very late nights and very early mornings. The job isn’t having one of your minions set up a meeting at a time that’s convenient for you, and rearranging your schedule for the big meet. It’s an incredibly demanding job (I wouldn’t want it, especially twenty to thirty years from now. Seriously.) that requires physical stamina and work beyond what Trump has needed for years–a licensing scheme and a heavily edited, off the cuff weekly TV show aren’t the same.

Leaving aside the awful policy, between this and his narcissistic disorder, with staggering ignorance drizzled on top, this is going to be really bad.

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