Instead Of Negotiating Better Prices, Trump Will Throw Money At Drug Companies

Surprisingly, Il Trumpe, the master of the five-star sizzle on a one-star steak, lied about forcing drug companies to lower prices (boldface mine):

A lot happened in the 2016 campaign, but one of the things Donald Trump did to win the election was shift to the left on a number of key issues — promising to avoid cuts in Social Security and Medicare benefits and adopting a longstanding Democratic pledge to let Medicare negotiate bulk discounts in the price it pays for prescription drugs.

Today, after a meeting with pharmaceutical industry lobbyists and executives, he abandoned that pledge, referring to an idea he supported as recently as three weeks ago as a form of “price fixing” that would hurt “smaller, younger companies.” Instead of getting tough, Trump’s new plan is that he’s “going to be lowering taxes” and “getting rid of regulations.”

On most of the big public policy issues of the day, Trump is a very conventional Republican. And on those issues where he hasn’t been conventional, Republican Congress members and business executives feel confident they can turn him around. On some issues, they probably won’t. But on this issue, it seems like they did.

This is bad policy that will hurt part of his base–older, white people (of course, it will hurt lots of people who did not vote for him too). When things affect you personally, that’s a betrayal–and it is these personal betrayals that change party loyalties. At some point, enough people are going to realize that he’s what he has always been–a scam artist.

I just hope it’s not too late by then.

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