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Here are a bunch of the most read posts of 2016, plus a few others that didn’t get the attention they might have deserved. In somewhat chronological order:

Yes, New Construction Can Raise Housing Prices (And Rents) Most of the discussion of gentrification completely ignores what actually happened in many places.

What If Theranos Is Business As Usual? Thoughts on the Bullsh-t Tech Economy Maybe Theranos is far more typical than we realize… (and beat the mainstream by a year to this)

What Does the End of Antibiotic Era Mean? Not the Andromeda Strain, but many tens of thousands of needless deaths in the U.S.

Zika, Rubella, and the Procedure That Shall Not Be Named I think we dodged this bullet–unless you’re in Puerto Rico–but this is the kind of thing that could blow up the Trump administration.

What Does ‘Reproducibility’ Mean? P-hacking isn’t the sole problem, not by a long shot.

When Very Serious Economists Act Very Unseriously Sanders Derangement Syndrome really left a mark on Krugman.

The ‘Economic Left’, The Poor, and the Anti-Solidarity of Progressives With Clinton’s loss, many erstwhile ‘progressives’ are starting to show their true colors sensu Atrios.

Gentrification Is Not the Same As Bidding Up Urban housing policy discussions ignore actual housing history.

The Unlovely Necessity of Public Health Spending But email servers. Or something.

Data Reporting Doubts About The Antibiotic Resistance Atlas There’s a difference between a healthcare insurance system and a healthcare system.

The Breathtaking Cynicism–And Greed–of North Carolina’s Anti-LGBT Law Always follow the money with these assholes. Always. And I beat the national press to the obvious by six weeks.

Nicholas Kristof And The ‘Middle Class’ Pity the poor guy making $450,000 per year

Will Microbial Genomics Become ‘Politicized’? With a kleptocratic Republican administration, this becomes a greater possibility.

Just As We’re Getting Good At Genomic Surveillance… This is going to be a very serious problem when combating infectious disease.

New Democrats Still Partying Like It’s 1999: The Mark Warner Edition Should have seen the Nov. 8 train wreck coming.

How New Democrats Are Creating A New Generation Of Angry Young Voters The kids are alright.

(((It’s Not Just Trump))) The Republican Party has a Jewish problem–and not just the neo-Nazi right.

Clearly, The Rothwell Paper Indicates That There Is A Genetic Basis For White Trump Support The Clintonista wing of the Democratic Party misinterpreting this paper was not only frustrating, but helped lead to bad politics.

The Context In Which Political Reporting Occurs Follow the (ad) money.

Sick Leave Lowers Flu Transmission: Lessons From D.C. Would you like a side order of fries or influenza?

Prospective Bacterial Genomic Surveillance If any of the sequencing companies were to push hard in this area, they could do very well, even if it’s not the Holy Grail of human genomes.

NIST Makes Sense On Password Protection Implement this. Now.

Technobrats And Monocausality One True Thing….

MCR-1 Confers Resistance To Lysozyme, Part Of Our Immune System Pleiotropy.

Democrats Lost Because The Democratic Party Is Run By Losers Should have never been that close.

Lessons I Learned Working For A Narcissist And What That Means For Il Trumpe This is going to have a lot of explanatory power over the next four years…

Understanding The Limitations Of Your Data Worst campaign staff ever.

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