(((It’s Not Just Trump)))

In light of the whole ((())) anti-Semitism thing, it’s worth another reminder that the Republican party’s Jewish problem precedes Il Trumpe. Not only did former Republican House Majority Leader Eric Kantor essentially admit as much, but just peruse this list I’ve put together over the years:

I See Stupid People: The JD Hayworth Edition
GOP Rep. Eric Cantor and Why Most Jews Don’t Vote Republican: Their Highly Successful Jewish Outreach Program
More from the Successful Republican Jewish Outreach Program
Republican Outreach to Jews Is Working Almost as Well as the Outreach to African Americans
My Hook Nose Is Swelling With Pride
More From the Highly Successful Republican Jewish Outreach Program
Not Good For the Republican Jewish Outreach Program

Keep in mind that I’m not actively looking for this crap. This is a list of things that: 1) I happen to notice; 2) have the wherewithal to blog about.

Trump is just plowing fertile ground.

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