Links 12/30/16

Links for you. Science:

Want to Save Money on Car Insurance? Buy a Mountain Lion.
How the Smithsonian is preparing for the Trump administration
Even Trump voters oppose Trump’s climate agenda
House Republicans want to ‘repeal and replace’ the ESA
Virginia Department of Health pushes to legalize syringe services programs


Feminism Is Not Doomed
The Clintons turned the Democratic party over to donors. Can it recover?
D.C. Council Passes Bill Giving Workers In City Eight Weeks Of Paid Family Leave
Librarians must resist trumpism
Stand, Fight, Resist
Top 5 Reasons Senate Dems should block all Trump Supreme Court Nominees, Forever
The crimes against them were terrifying, but the judicial system made it worse
The Loosies: The Worst of D.C. Politics in 2016
He says he robbed 100 people in D.C. Could he have been stopped before he killed?
Apple is losing its focus again — and this time, there’s no Steve Jobs coming to the rescue
Public Infrastructure as Stealth Privatization
A professor called Trump’s election an ‘act of terrorism.’ Then she became the victim of terror.
Trump fans’ ‘Deploraball’ party descends into chaotic infighting over Nazi salutes and book burnings
Fascism can’t be stopped by fact-checking
An Oklahoma Newspaper Endorsed Clinton. It Hasn’t Been Forgiven.
How exclusionary zoning limits poor families’ access to good schools
A Primary Target in the War on Reproductive Freedom Speaks

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