Links 8/23/16

Links for you. Science:

Please don’t take gynecological advice from Khloe Kardashian (that this even needs to be written… Still interesting biology though)
An ethnographic study of the “open evidential culture” of research psychology
On grant funding
Lies, damn lies, and CRISPR: the legal battle escalates
NASA just made all the scientific research it funds available for free


Progressive Clinton supporters: You broke it, you bought it (ouch)
Police Homicides in the United States
Homeless art, lost jobs and low enrollment: Two years later, Corcoran’s breakup still stings
One of the biggest crime waves in America isn’t what you think it is
America Is Ignoring Another Natural Disaster Near the Gulf
Democratic Political Infighting Over Education Harms Black Families
The nation’s teacher force lacks diversity, and it might not get much better (you get what you don’t pay for…)
Art Blanche: D.C.’s museums have embraced big splashy social media-friendly exhibitions. But is that good for art?
Charles Lane and the WaPo Sleaze Bernie Sanders
So a Rabbi Walks Into a Food Truck…
Ellen DeGeneres Is Not Racist
Alt Right Rejoices at Donald Trump’s Steve Bannon Hire (“alt-right” means racist. No euphemisms please)
San Francisco Man Proposes to Girlfriend While Posing as 2-Dimensional Beings for a Living Mural
Trump adviser accused of making anti-Semitic remarks
If residents of Louisiana are watching television news, they must be feeling woefully forgotten
Trump’s damage has already been done: He has nurtured a generation of racist bullies
No, they don’t support Trump: Smeared left-wing writers debunk the myth

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2 Responses to Links 8/23/16

  1. boba says:

    >>“I didn’t want to submit the paper just because the result was publishable,” he told STAT then, explaining that he wanted to wait until they had “a paper that can make a significant difference, not just to be first with something.”<<
    Yeah, that's reasonable… or a load of BS larger than Elsevier saying "we're here to help science."
    No one, not one single wanna-be Nobel Laureate, is going to forgo being first (and so be published in Science, Nature or Cell) to have substance and not be published in the aforementioned three journals. The guy needs to learn how to lie better because that is too easy to spot.

  2. zero says:

    re: gulf flooding
    Interesting how the author of the piece focuses on Obama, who is staying the hell out of the way and letting emergency response deal with things for now rather than showing up in a flurry of security chaos to hand out some diapers and water before jetting off. The Professor tends to let experts handle things they are expert in handling; this is called being presidential and delegating. That said, the author does have a point that some public words on the subject from a respected figure like Obama might help sway hearts, minds and wallets.
    Also interesting how certain officials are blaming the government’s lack of preparation for an event that was considered essentially impossible until it happened. (Who has an emergency plan for a thousand-year flood? Anyone? How do they keep their funding for that?) At least some of them are talking about ‘infrastructure resilience’ (code for ‘oh crap, climate change is real, this is gonna be expensive’, but it sounds vaguely military so it goes down easy). That may be a useful wedge into the Republican party: “look at this damage, businesses ruined, housing stock destroyed, look at the price tag; let’s spend a little on preventive medicine so the next disaster doesn’t cost billions”. Helping at-risk populations would be an unavoidable side effect.

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