This Is Why We Don’t Have Flying Cars

Perhaps because our best-and-brightest are building this instead (boldface mine):

What’s a “pancake selfie” truck? Holiday Inn describes it thusly:

The rolling pancake station is outfitted with five pancake machines, each producing one pancake per minute – all at the push of a button. One-of-a-kind laser printers then transfer selfies from smartphone to pancake. From batter to platter, the entire process takes mere minutes. This delicious piece of breakfast technology was created and perfected exclusively for IHG and is a first for any hotel brand.

It’s not clear this is any more productive than porn.

I got nothing.

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5 Responses to This Is Why We Don’t Have Flying Cars

  1. Adam Gaffin says:

    The hotel we stayed in last month while the kidlet went to her freshman orientation had one of those in its breakfast area (well, without the personalization). It’s basically an automated Easy Bake Oven. The idea of it was kind of interesting, but one small pancake a minute is just way too slow. This is ‘Murica – the thing should be shooting out pancakes constantly and right into the mouths of waiting diners. With syrup loaded on.

  2. ocschwar says:

    Sometimes I wonder if I should shift gears and go work on flying cars.

    Then I look at Adam’s latest photo from Storrow Drive and go back to tinkering on a pancake selfie machine.

  3. rjmx says:

    You don’t want a flying car. Trust me on this one.

    Why, you ask?

    Well, recall what the traffic is like on . (For me, that would be Boston’s Southeast Expressway). Then try to image in that in three dimensions.

    Nobody would last more than five minutes, I think.

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