Links 8/9/16

Links for you. Science:

Researchers Who Exposed VW Gain Little Reward From Success
Brazil asks whether Zika acts alone to cause birth defects
Botanists Sniff at Mystery of Smelly Corpse Flowers’ Blooming
Prediabetes: The epidemic that never was, and shouldn’t be
Killing contact precautions one study at a time


Bernie Sanders: I support Hillary Clinton. So should everyone who voted for me
Jill Stein’s anti-vax game: How and why the Green Party candidate is pandering to the anti-vaccination crowd. Jill Stein sows doubt and fears about vaccinations, and the supposed Snopes debunking did nothing of the sort
Comcast Says It Wants to Charge Broadband Users More For Privacy
In defense of hyperlocal government in DC
The Unbundled City
Advocates Sue To Figure Out Public Access To Trump Hotel Surroundings
“Lock her up” goes mainstream
Rotten Orange: The Council’s Most Outrageous Member Outdoes Himself
Charter Schools and Labor Market Outcomes (pdf)
Missouri State Public Defender’s Office Appoints Governor Jay Nixon To Serve as Public Defender
Two Muslim women who work for US government escorted off plane as they made staff ‘uncomfortable’
D.C. Jail’s Deplorable Condition Is a Metaphor for the City’s Criminal Justice System
Mass. delegation condemns climate change subpoenas
Why is AARP cozying up to the right-wing group ALEC while big corporations flee?
Donald Trump’s Campaign Website Won’t Let You Cancel Recurring Donations
“I mean, the heat he brought down is murder! We had a police department who was cooperative. He’s pissed them off so much now that nobody can make a move anymore.”
Why I totally support those ‘jerks’ chanting ‘No more war!’

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