Links 5/19/16

Links for you. Science:

Almost Everything You Know About Climate Change Solutions Is Outdated, Part 1
Scientific consent, data, and doubling down on the internet
First eukaryotes found without a normal cellular power supply
How the psychology of public bathrooms explains the ‘bathroom bills’
Infectious Disease Sequencing Dx Devices to Be Regulated by FDA


Unnecessariat (excellent)
They Aren’t Listening to Us
Why Americans Ignore the Role of Luck in Everything
The Six-Hour Workday Works in Europe. What About America?
Immigrants Explain What Shocked Them About American Culture
The real costs of a “Marvel body”: How the pressure to look like Thor and Captain America is hurting men
The True, Boozy, and Very Disturbing Story of The Replacements
CARL DIGGLER’S ANALYSIS: Bernie Sanders’ Win in West Virginia Was His Worst Loss Yet
The Worst of Wall Street: Meet Donald Trump’s Finance Chairman
The myth of Donald Trump’s upper-class support
Clinton and Sanders Should Fight Together for a Democratic Platform That Backs DC Statehood
D.C. Hardcore
Trump’s Support Isn’t Just From Old, Racist White Guys
Why the suburbs are all wrong for my kids
Meet the 25-year-old fighting for a $15 minimum wage
Housing boom isn’t hitting Boston suburbs
In Oracle v. Google, a Nerd Subculture Is on Trial

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  1. Jay says:

    Regarding luck, postdocs often call me for an “informational interview” asking me how I got my industry job. I always tell them I was incredibly lucky and in the right place at the right time. When you have hundreds of applicants for a scientist position, you basically have to have the perfect background and CV, because if you don’t, someone else does. There are many exceptionally talented unlucky postdocs out there in need of a rabbit’s foot.

  2. Bayesian Bouffant, FCD says:

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