Skippy Takes the Long View on Racism and Obama

Admist all of the gnashing of teeth and rending of garments over what some think is a relatively poor performance by Obama against McCain, skippy puts racism in its proper context (note: skippy worked very hard to remove all of those capital letters. Who am I to put them all back?):

obama is comfortably ahead. but the media aren’t reporting that, because that’s not exciting.

are there still rednecks that wouldn’t vote for jesus christ if he came back because he’s a swarthy semitic? yes.

are there rednecks in the board room that won’t say out loud how they hate the darkies, but create policies to keep the colored folk downtrodden? yes.

are we living in a wonderful world of peace and harmony where all men are brothers and everyone is judged according to character, without rancor?

get real. life sucks.

but obama is ahead. that is a fact.

the gop’s main talking point about “why isn’t obama doing better” can be seen, in the light of reality, as “well, mccain is a loser, but he’s not that big of a loser.”

but a loser is a loser.

rest easy, my friend. if you’re going to worry about something, worry about election stealing or fake terrorist attacks. don’t worry about bigotry, because, while we’ll always have bigotry, we are making inroads.

The Mad Biologist agrees with the ‘Roo.

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3 Responses to Skippy Takes the Long View on Racism and Obama

  1. Becca says:

    Good stuff!

  2. Turcano says:

    I think you need to close your bold tag.

  3. Beverly says:

    So, is an example of our racist ways how we call a half-white guy black? Whadup with that?
    My brother proudly told me he’d planned to vote for Hillary, but no way was he gonna have some black guy telling him what to do, so now he’s gonna vote for McCain! Hell, Barack is wayyyyyyyyy whiter than either myself or my brothers. We be crackers…he be Harvard Law!
    Anyway, my mother always told me that anybody with brown eyes had some black in ‘em somewhere…and my brothers and I have brown eyes. They don’t call this the melting pot for nothing!
    GREAT site…thanks!!!

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