Links 3/27/16

Links for you. Science:

Altruistic tortoises
Yes, there’s really a National Parasite Collection, and it’s getting a new life at the Smithsonian (good graphic here)
This Galapagos island — named Darwin — will now anchor a vast new marine reserve
Why we still collect butterflies
Women are still getting Toxic Shock Syndrome, and no one quite knows why


The Lesson of Carrier: America Needs a Real Socialist Agenda (I was going to write something similar…)
Court Rules The District Should Control Its Own Damn Money
CDC investigates infection affecting Boston’s homeless population
Legalize It All: How to win the war on drugs
Meals or wheels? In latest attack on the poor, Alabama Republican tells food stamp recipients: If you want to eat, give up your car
My brush with North Carolina voter ID law
Merrick Garland Was Accused of Protecting a Judge Charged With Ethics Violations: The judge had suggested that blacks and Hispanics were “predisposed to crime.”
How to Stop Trump: The protesters shutting down Donald Trump’s rallies aren’t attacking democracy — they’re protecting it.
How the military created the best child care system in the nation
Inside Jacobin: how a socialist magazine is winning the left’s war of ideas
The End of Research in Wisconsin
Why Finland has the best schools
The Democrat Establishment Plan for a Three-Front Anti-Trump, Republican-Splitting, Anti-Left Campaign
Report Of High Level DNC Infiltration In N. Carolina Sanders Campaign
Hillary Clinton Lays Out Her Own Middle East Approach — And It’s Not Obama’s
Snapshot of a broken system: How a profitable company justifies laying off 1,400 people & moved their jobs to Mexico
Illinois College Students Say They Were Threatened With Arrest And Turned Away From The Polls
I Read The News Today Oh Boy
D.C. builders’ plans supposed to be online and free, but burden is on residents
Hillary Clinton’s AIPAC Speech Was a Symphony of Craven, Delusional Pandering: Clinton had an opportunity to show some political courage. She decided to alienate the left instead (preview to her presidency)
Andy Grove, Valley Veteran Who Founded Intel, Dies at 79 (related post here)

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  1. Bayesian Bouffant, FCD says:

    Snapshot of a broken system: How a profitable company justifies laying off 1,400 people & moved their jobs to Mexico

    Does anyone English any more? How to mix past and present tenses incorrectly in a headline

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