Common Core For Thee, But Not Me

Before we get to today’s episode of education ‘reform’ hypocrisy, I’ll state for the record, as I have before, that a standardized curriculum would be a good thing, but that the Common Core isn’t very rigorous.

That said, a hallmark of the education reform movement is that reformers are unwilling to subject their own children to these reforms. Here’s a slight twist (boldface mine):

One of Tennessee’s biggest cheerleaders for Common Core has not pushed to adopt the education standards in the private school she now leads.

On an almost weekly basis, Candice McQueen is called on by the state Department of Education to beat back criticism. Last week, it was an Associated Press panel. The week before that, she advocated for Common Core as SCORE released its annual report card. McQueen testified before the Senate Education Committee during a two day hearing on the standards.

She praises the rigor and the benefits to having Tennessee kids on the same page as students in 44 states. So when McQueen assumed a new role over Lipscomb’s private K-12 academy, parents were concerned Common Core would follow her to campus, according to an open letter sent to families.

Have no fear, the children of the well-heeled are in no danger of education reform.

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