Links 8/2/12

Links for you. Science:

Creationists in Louisiana Win State Funding
Kansas’ evolution debate just keeps evolving
Wellesley’s where the wild things are: another scorpion sighted (actually, it’s called a vinegaroon, but more importantly, what the hell is it doing in Boston?)
Even a 12-year old can discover the larva of a rare, endemic species!
Geneticists eye the potential of arXiv


It’s D-Day for the Post Office (must-read; I discussed this here and here)
Suggestions for an Apple Shopping List (I find the last suggestion really interesting)
Can cheaters repent?
Our Marie Antoinettes are getting a little bit nervous
Look Down, History Below Your Feet (I never even realized what these were)
Don’t (Diss) Party Like It’s 1999….
go-go live: banned in chevy chase
Charles Lane Finds it Paradoxical that the Government Provides Assistance to Workers Whose Disabilities Keep Them From Working
How to Explain Red Herrings to a Bloomberg Columnist
Equilibration of attitudes toward divorce (it really seems there was a massive shift in the 1980s; not sure what that’s about)
Jonah Lehrer’s Grievous Oraclism
How to Defeat the Air Force’s Powerful Stealth Fighter
Fear and Progressive Policy
Is your problem gluten? Or faddish eating?

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