Links 9/20/22

Links for you. Science:

SARS-CoV-2 lineages, Cryptic lineages, and a prediction of what the next dominant VOCs will be.
Fears world’s smallest primate may have quietly gone extinct
Moving target: The global monkeypox outbreak is giving the virus an unprecedented opportunity to adapt to humans. Will it change for the worse?
Report on excess mortality during the COVID-19 pandemic up to June 2022 (pdf; Singapore)
A Bivalent Omicron-Containing Booster Vaccine against Covid-19
What’s a Bivalent Booster, and Why You Should Get It


I sent an email to the White House just now, a message into the void. (excellent)
The story of the praying Bremerton coach keeps getting more surreal
The Radicalization of Washington’s Most Famous Historian
In private memo, Fetterman confronts a new obstacle: Getting outspent
‘Huge mistake’: DeSantis’ migrant transports could undercut support in South Florida
White conservative Christians ignore their real problem: A fleeing flock
A Rural Doctor Gave Her All. Then Her Heart Broke.
Covid shots for young kids arrived in June. Few have received them.
The Odds of a Bad Outcome are Rising
On the sin of Sodom. Hint: It’s not sodomy
In the City That Never Sleeps, Some Doors Now Close at 10 p.m.
The Common Clay
D.C. was the top city for remote work in 2021, census data show
Lindsey Graham admits his national 15-week abortion ban is just a ‘starting place’
This little-known election predictor should worry Democrats
What we really mean when we say ‘woke,’ ‘elites’ and other politically fraught terms
The Hobbit King: Charles III is far more interested in the benefits of traditional English hedgerows than the great, global glory of Britain.
Amsterdam Falafelshop and the art of moving on after a broken heart
‘Welcome to fascism’: Top Arizona Republican blasts Trump-backed candidates who might try to overturn future elections
Trump’s frightening rally in Ohio shows the media still doesn’t get it
To Mask, or Not to Mask: Theaters and Concert Halls Face a Dilemma
‘No way I could work for the Russians’: the Ukrainian teachers resisting occupation
Is New York City Finally Returning to the Office?

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