Links 3/4/16

Links for you. Science:

Half of the World Has Herpes
Why Some Civil War Soldiers Glowed in the Dark
New Orleans Knows Mosquitoes
Easter Island Civilization Not Destroyed by War, New Evidence Shows
Allow me to present #robotcheetah


The car century was a mistake. It’s time to move on.
Blowback: Donald Trump Is the Price We Pay for the “War on Terror”
The Post-Hope Democrats
Regardless of how well Bernie does today, the media will say Hillary is now the Democratic candidate. Baloney.
The rise of American authoritarianism
What Democrats Still Don’t Get About George McGovern: The party took all the wrong lessons from his landslide loss to Richard Nixon in ’72.
Mayor Bowser Opposes Revised Terms of Pepco-Exelon Merger
Small-Town America Is Facing Big-City Problems
Bernie Sanders’ secret weapon on Super Tuesday
Will the Push for Coding Lead to ‘Technical Ghettos’?
Always Click the Links
The next president will emerge from one of four political tribes
Chris Christie’s wordless screaming
The Invisible Black Man on a Prospect Park Statue
Has the Congressional Black Caucus Lost Its Conscience? The activist group Color for Change charges that the CBC PAC serves corporations, not African Americans
D.C. mayor rejects Pepco-Exelon plan; $6.8-billion merger appears dead
Nearly half of American children living near poverty line
Rand Paul calls D.C. streetcars ‘calamitous,’ District spokesman slams him as hypocritical

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