Links 10/24/15

Links for you. Science:

Nobel Winner Prizes Data That Congress Disdains
‘Gold Standard’? That Was Abandoned, You Know…
A New Weapon in The Meth Crisis (early days, etc.)
Half of Bugs That Cause Infections After Surgery are Antibiotic Resistant
Were dinosaurs warm or cold blooded? Ancient eggshells could reveal the truth.


The Presidential Mirror
A Whole Lotta Grifting Going On
Why I don’t use the term “police brutality”
Sanders rejects donation from HIV drug price-gouger Martin Shkreli, who was trying to buy some face time
Social Impact Bonds are just another form of privatization. Bad news for Special Needs students. (yes, they are)
If teacher shortage persists, ‘we’re all going to sink’ (nobody could have predicted….)
Attorney for famed teacher Rafe Esquith files class action suit against L.A. Unified
L.A. school board fires Rafe Esquith, one of nation’s most lauded teachers
The States Where $15 Isn’t A Living Wage
Socialism is as American as apple pie
Rand Paul Warns Of Mass Killings If Bernie Sanders Is Elected President
Theranos Trouble: A First Person Account
Clinton takes in big money from drug industry
What Could Raising Taxes on the 1% Do? Surprising Amounts
After My Boyfriend Suddenly Threw Me Out, I Chose to Have an Abortion at 23 Weeks
I had an illegal abortion in 1953. We need Roe v Wade to ensure no one else has to

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