Links 6/29/15

Links for you. Science:

US Congress moves to block human-embryo editing
Why failing to understand evolution makes your NIH reform ideas suck (not how I would characterize evolution, but still very good)
It’s more than stamp collecting: how genome sequencing can unify biological research
The Grant Is Dead, Long Live the Grant
Males Are Overrepresented among Life Science Researchers Committing Scientific Misconduct


Last Battles
Scalia Is a Twitter Egg
Washington’s Strategy in Iraq Has Failed
Today’s Court Ruling, Though Expected, is Still Shocking — Especially for Those Who Grew Up LGBT in the U.S.
Congressional Democrats Introduce an Ambitious New Bill to Restore the Voting Rights Act
View from the left—sorry to inconvenience you, Mr. President, but…
Could This Be the Biggest Blow Yet to Uber’s Business Model?
Texas Board of Education to be headed by a homeschooler
Are Leftist, Feminist Kurds About to Deliver the Coup de Grâce to ISIL in Syria?
Republicans block research on gun violence, because knowledge might lead to action
A black man walks into Silicon Valley and tries to get a job…
Bernie Sanders on Obama’s “Biggest Mistake”
Sad Freaks of the Nation
Can v. Should
A Walk Through History: Places in New Orleans
June 25, 1876: In the Battle of Little Bighorn, Custer Makes His Last Stand

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