Links 5/2/15

Links for you. Science:

When Predators Collide
This Study About Early Human Cannibalism Is So Awesomely Gross
The Disease That Turned Us Into Genetic-Information Junkies
How I Got Converted to G.M.O. Food
Scientists are skeptical about the secret blood test that has made Elizabeth Holmes a billionaire


Undue force
Toxically Pure: Joe Bageant drops out
Maybe Do Something For The People Who Live There
Is the Songwriter Equity Act a good idea? Or just another weapon in the record industry’s fight against Pandora?
Chanute, Kansas Families Tell Brownback: “No One Chooses to be Poor” Demands End of Ridicule
A Former Success Academy Teacher Steps Forward to Tell Her Story
Democrats’ free trade war is getting ugly, and Obama is bending the truth
Our perverse centrist patriots: Everything the elite media gets wrong about American politics. Call it Chris Matthews-itis. George Packer wants an exciting politics of heroism, sacrifice, war. It’s dead wrong (can’t Packer just have an affair or something?)
The Color of Wealth in Boston
This wasn’t the PhD advice you were looking for
Christian Right Bigots Destroyed LGBT Lives for Decades: Now They Claim to be Victims? Sorry guys, you are not victims. You never were.
The big lie: Las Vegas man watches as his Harry Reid tale takes off
Now they just kill us one by one
How Much an Author Makes Off Their Books
Why your next home might be battery-powered (or they’ll hook up to existing gas lines)
The trade-off Obama missed on trade

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