Links 4/18/15

Links for you. Science:

Clinton Makes Climate Change A Central Issue for 2016
The reality that dare not speak its name
Ah Tawt I Taw a Terror Bird
The Shortest-Known Paper Published in a Serious Math Journal: Two Succinct Sentences
The Hated, Invasive Parasite That’s Actually a Key Part of Its Ecosystem


Here We Go
The world of threats to the US is an illusion
Will The Charter School BS Ever Stop?
Cherry Blossoms Hit Peak Bloom, People Snap Gorgeous Pictures
Israel’s dark future: Democracy in the Jewish state is doomed
The first rule of law school employment statistics
“Getting Started”: Questions for Hillary Clinton as She Begins Her Campaign in Iowa
There’s Nothing Inevitable About Hillary
Chinese conman undone as 17 girlfriends turn up at his hospital bedside
Md. ‘free-range children’ taken into custody again by CPS after being found unsupervised at a park
The most depressing presidential campaign of your lifetime began today
Where the White People Live: How self-segregation and concentrated affluence became normal in America
The NRA’s open-carry clustermuck: How its annual convention highlights the hypocrisy of the pro-gun movement
The Mighty Sword Of Marco Rubio
BATs Congratulate Hillary Clinton

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