The Other Reason Jews Aren’t Defecting to the GOP

Josh Zeitz has a good article about the perpetual Republican dream that Jews will abandon the Democratic Party for the GOP. It’s pretty good (the “next year in New Hampshire” phrase is funny), but Zeitz misses a rather obvious reason–the Republicans, as I’ve noted, have a Jewish problem:

Whitbeck isn’t some idiot blogging in his basement. He is a Republican party official. And instead of being booed or made to feel uncomfortable [after making an anti-Semitic joke], he was cheered.

This is the Republican base. They need these bigots to win elections. Never forget that. Because this kind of behavior is a part of a pattern:

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In 2013 no less.

Keep in mind:

It’s not that most Republicans are anti-Semites, but between the theocrats and the flat-out bigots, even if you thought Republicans were correct on this issue, it would be very hard to be allies with those assholes. This is an existential issue.

Between the bigots and those who pander to them, it’s amazing that even roughly one-fifth of Jews vote Republican.

This is a consequence of the GOP turning itself into a white Christian nationalist party.

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2 Responses to The Other Reason Jews Aren’t Defecting to the GOP

  1. Min says:

    The White Christian Nationalist Party, aka KKK 2.0.

    I have been reading “Southern Exposure” by Stetson Kennedy (1946) ( ) Take out the most rabid racist parts of the rhetoric of the 1940s KKK and you are left with modern rhetoric of the GOP.

  2. coloncancercommunity says:

    @Min – Right on the money. One of thing that kind of boggles my mind is the notion that Jews would ever dream of aligning themselves with a group of people who feel the Jews have to return to Israel for the second coming of Christ and their own destruction. Its just not the sort of relationship that rational people cultivate.

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