Links 12/27/14

Links for you. Science:

The Accidental Lobster Farmers
What Yellowstone’s Thermal Springs looked like before humans contaminated them
Climate Change Now: “Ticks Cover their Bodies Like Shingles on a Roof” (good, if icky)
Inquiry in Anthrax Mailings Had Gaps, Report Says
Free Access to Science Research Doesn’t Benefit Everyone: There is a lot of promise in open access. But there are a lot of problems too. (good but doesn’t note that papers are very important for getting grant money)


How U.S. Torture Led to the Rise of ISIS (must-read)
Conservatives Are Right About Reckless Political Rhetoric
Do Not Listen to the Crazy Man Telling You to Quit Your Job (very good)
In Alabama, A Public Hospital Serves the Poor — with Lawsuits: Public hospitals can be among the most aggressive in collecting debts from poor patients, not only garnishing their wages, but cleaning out their bank accounts. “It makes me sick,” said one legal aid attorney.
The NY Police Union’s Vile War with Mayor De Blasio: To criticize the mayor for telling his black son what every other father of a black youth must say is divisive and fails to see what’s wrong in America.
You Can’t State the Obvious
Mortgage tax deductions and gentrification
Blue Lives Matter: Talking about “police reform” obscures the task. Today’s policies are, at the very least, the product of democratic will.
Slimy Baltimore FOX Affiliate Caught Faking “Kill a Cop” Protest Chant
The Secret History of Filing Cabinets
How the universally hated cubicle came to be
“Those Who Will Not Learn From History… “
Judge in Maryland Locks Up Youths and Rules Their Lives
When the authorities get hysterical they make themselves and everyone else less safe
Greenpeace May Have Permanently Damaged An Ancient, Sacred Site. Now What?

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