Links 12/19/14

Links for you. Science:

Deep Intellect: Inside the mind of the octopus
The Raw-Milk Deal: Pure-food worshippers put their health at risk—especially when they drink unpasteurized milk
Oversold prenatal tests spur some to choose abortions (but any FDA regulation of genetic testing is evil, blah, blah..)
Stem Cell Treatment: Out from the Shadows, Onto the Cutting Edge
Why You Won’t Get Sick From Sitting On A Public Toilet Seat


George Washington’s Waterboard (“Does anyone believe that 100 years from today Americans will be celebrating the torture of al-Qaeda operatives or the intelligence leads, true or false, that they provided under duress?”)
You Can Either Verify Whether This Inspirational Story Is True Or Share It Now And Reap The Precious Social Capital
NYC Cops Are Blithely Firing A Potentially Deafening Sound Cannon At Peaceful Protesters
The Luxury Homes That Torture and Your Tax Dollars Built
U.S. intelligence community poses threat to American way of life, report finds
Video shows John Crawford’s girlfriend aggressively questioned after Ohio police shot him dead in Walmart: Video shows Ohio detective accusing her of lying and threatening her with jail
Ted Cruz Shoots Self in Foot, Declares Victory (a victory of Palinism over process)
Comparing living standards over time
Dodd-Frank Budget Fight Proves Democrats Are a Bunch of Stuffed Suits
When my son survived a serious accident, I didn’t thank God. I thanked Honda.
What it Means to Change the World
Freer, Sackler Galleries Become First Fully-Digitized Smithsonian Museums
What’s Wrong With This Picture?
Your pictures of Scotland: 5 to 12 December
An Auto-Oriented Manhattan
More & Better Democrats

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4 Responses to Links 12/19/14

  1. BoiseBlue says:

    You bet, Mike. Go ahead an vote for the Sparkleponie-Green-Unicorn fusion ticket, safe in the assurance that the Democrats and I will keep the Republicans from doing anything hideous, like they did when you strategic geniuses boosted George W Bush into the White House. Every sensible person understands that none of the torture and invasions would have happened without you guys enabling the bad actors.

  2. anthrosciguy says:

    I’m curious, BoiseBlue. What here exactly inspired that comment?

  3. Octopus, unpasteurized milk, & toilet seats. What a line-up!

  4. jurassicpork says:

    Santa’s Drunk and Rudolph Just Shit on My Roof or Pottersville: It Ain’t Just the Movies Anymore. Because why shouldn’t Mr. Potter get his ass kicked once in a while?

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