Now, They’re Not Even Waiting to Retire Before Cashing In

This is stunning–and demoralizing–to any honest public employee (boldface mine):

The former director of the National Security Agency has enlisted the US surveillance giant’s current chief technology officer for his lucrative cybersecurity business venture, an unusual arrangement undercutting Keith Alexander’s assurances he will not profit from his connections to the secretive, technologically sophisticated agency.

Patrick Dowd continues to work as a senior NSA official while also working part time for Alexander’s IronNet Cybersecurity, a firm reported to charge up to $1m a month for advising banks on protecting their data from hackers. It is exceedingly rare for a US official to be allowed to work for a private, for-profit company in a field intimately related to his or her public function….

Alexander portrayed Dowd’s unusual joint positions with the NSA and IronNet as a way for the public to keep benefitting from Dowd’s expertise, while saying less about how Alexander will profit from the same skill set….

Compounding the potential financial conflicts at the NSA, Buzzfeed News reported that the home of chief of its Signals Intelligence Directorate, Teresa Shea, has a signals-intelligence consulting firm operating out of it. The firm is run by her husband James, who also works for a signals-intelligence firm that Buzzfeed News said appears to do business with the NSA; and Teresa Shea runs an “office and electronics” business that lists a Beechcraft plane among its assets.

To live outside the law, you must be honest. Time was, people knew that spies are dishonest for a living. Might be worth remembering that notion again.

It also should be noted that most congresscritters wait until they leave office to formally cash in. When your ethics are worse than Congress’….

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