Ebola Volunteers Are Heroes, Not Self-Indulgent Children To Be Tolerated

I’ve been trying to figure out what has been bothering about the quarantine orders that are popping up around the U.S.–other than they are unnecessary and counterproductive. What helped it was reading about Gov. Christie’s defense of his ill-considered and ill-planned policy. It’s the oozing arrogance. Rather than treating these healthcare professionals as honorable people who are risking everything to help others–a true credit to our nation–he sneers at them, treating them as if they were self-indulgent brats who decided to go on a drinking binge across the border.

I don’t think Christie and his ilk can truly understand why someone might volunteer to work with Ebola patients. There’s just something lacking there. Surely, only suckers and fools would do this. You know, squishes. Real men know they’ve got theirs, and screw the rest.

The assholes that walk among us might want to consider that even those who have made caring for others their profession regardless of their own society’s regard for them do not have inexhaustible reserves of compassion.

Then again, arrogant people don’t think about things like that.

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  1. OmegaMom says:

    Oh, yeah. So many comments have called Kaci Hickox “narcissistic” or “self-indulgent” or “selfish”, and I find my jaw dropping each time I read one. She just spent six weeks in West Africa helping people who are suffering in the most horrible way, dealing with horrible conditions and lack of support and equipment…and these assholes are calling HER narcissistic. God damn.

    • I was scratching my head at that stumper at first too.

      I think the sheer volume of grotesquely nasty comments under that dallas news piece distracted me into thinking the remarks were hopelessly inexplicable.

      But now that I’ve read a bit more & thought about it a little, I think it could be explained by any combination of factors.

      1) There was a deliberate “rallying of the trolls” – the internet version of the mob of angry villagers with flaming torches was called into action, brought on by a dubious online media post with a clear political agenda.

      2) Some people may feel they themselves are mostly only motivated to do things out of self-interest & self-promotion, and may judge other people by themselves.
      One can argue that it hardly matters, never mind that’s unlikely to be sole motivation for anyone about anything anyhow.
      After all, nobody starts internet vitriol campaigns against successful American surgeons who probably became doctors largely for the prestige & money.
      Did anyone rally an internet mob with flaming comments against the bad Dr. Christopher Duntsch?

      3) The nurse is a woman. In a traditionally female profession. Sexism may be a factor. After all, publicly attacking women as being unacceptably uppity because they complain publicly about any type of ill treatment they’ve experienced, seems to be all the rage these days. Even rather demure women can be labeled arrogant for doing that.

      4) Some people may be pretty severely racist or xenophobic & see it all in the context of betrayal. To take care of “those people” and then risk “us people” – for whatever reason, and no matter how small the risk. It has its own internal logic, even if it’s repugnant & inexplicable to those who view all human lives as valuable &/or know that working on the problem in Africa actually benefits us anyhow.

      I just saw a conversation somewhere else (local to me) about “not from here scum” being a problem issue in one nearby city’s internet newspaper comments. Certain mobs of trolls have a problem with anyone who wasn’t born & raised locally.
      Is there a word for xenophobia against people from another state or another town?

  2. drjuliebug says:

    And, seriously, if an American health professional develops symptoms of Ebola after returning from an affected area: What possible motive would that person have to conceal it? First: Anyone selfless enough to volunteer to treat Ebola epidemic victims would be horrified at the thought of transmitting the disease to anyone else. Second: They’ve seen people die of untreated or inadequately treated Ebola, so if they had symptoms, they’d want to get to a properly equipped hospital ASAP. I’d trust Kaci Hickox with my life, but after this, I don’t think I’d trust Chris Christie with blunt scissors.

  3. RGray says:

    Anyone who has the stupidity to volunteer to go and help ebola patients in africa and then return to th US and wander around potentially contaminating others deserves to be incarcerated not quarantined.
    One has to question seriously the sanity and the motives behind these people’s actions-I suggest follow the money and keep a close eye on narcissm.

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