Links 10/26/14

Links for you. Science:

NIH’s rapid growth has let in a bunch of riff-raff!
Did Austerity Bring On the Ebola Crisis?
Congress is dissatisfied with NIH’s spending priorities!
The Spider Assassin
Bash Science with Gay AND Fat-shaming? It’s like a rightwing three-fer


Vote all you want. The secret government won’t change. (made a similar point here)
The Hottest Zone: How the media stoked the U.S. Ebola panic
Seven Reasons Poor People Rent to Own Furniture
Why #Gamergaters Piss Me The F*** Off
What if ISIS took Fox News’ advice and tried to weaponize Ebola? A play in one act. (funny)
The day Jon Stewart quit: Why “The Daily Show” isn’t the satire America needs
George Will, Fox News, and the Beginning of an Ebola Conspiracy (what an asshole-Will, that is)
Nation’s Wealthy Places Pour Private Money Into Public Schools, Study Finds
Here’s Some Stupid For Lunch (the anti-stem cell brigade is mucking about in Ebola vaccine research. What could possibly go wrong?)
Today in Ebolanoia: NC assistant principal forced to self-quarantine after visiting part of Africa 3000 miles from Ebola zone
Ebolanoia: The Only Thing We Have to Fear is Ebola Fear Itself
Follies of the Day

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3 Responses to Links 10/26/14

  1. doug says:

    Are either of the cell lines cited in the kooks against vaccines articles actually regarded as stem cells? Are they not from fully differentiated cells? Of course honesty is not a general feature of missives from the anti-abortion crowd.
    The HEK-293 line has been around since the 1970’s. I haven’t found (didn’t look very hard) a date for the origin of the PER.C6 line, but it is noted it was derived from a single cell. It’s not like anyone is running around harvesting fresh human fetuses for each batch of vaccine.

  2. Bayesian Bouffant, FCD says:

    How Boston is rethinking its relationship with the sea

    Sea levels are rising, the land is sinking. It’s going to become a big problem for some cities on the US East Coast, so in Boston people are thinking the unthinkable – copying Venice and Amsterdam, and becoming a city of canals.

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