Bullies With Guns: No Depth Too Low to Go

Consider this part of our ongoing series of Bullies With Guns. This is what happened to Jennifer Longdon, a gun control activist who was paralyzed from the waist down after being shot in her car (boldface mine):

Last May in her hometown of Phoenix, she helped coordinate a gun buyback program with local police over three weekends. On the first Saturday, a group of men assembled across the street from the church parking lot where Longdon was set up. They shouted about constitutional rights and tyranny, and called people arriving to trade in their guns “sellouts.”

…Some of them approached Longdon. “You know what was wrong with your shooting?” one said. “They didn’t aim better.” Another man came up, looked Longdon up and down and said, “I know who you are.” Then he recited her home address. The harassment continued, and the men showed up throughout the program, a Phoenix police official involved confirmed to me.

After a fundraiser one night during the program, Longdon returned home around 10 p.m., parked her ramp-equipped van and began unloading herself. As she wheeled up to her house, a man stepped out of the shadows. He was dressed in black and had a rifle, “like something out of a commando movie,” Longdon told me. He took aim at her and pulled the trigger. Longdon was hit with a stream of water. “Don’t you wish you had a gun now, bitch?” he scoffed before taking off.

Utterly verminous. When you feel the need to descend to terrorize a disabled woman in a wheelchair, it’s time to rethink and reconsider, not regroup and rearm. Let’s review this blog’s view on such events:

A hallmark of civilization is that we settle our differences without resorting to intimidation. Though I suppose if you know you don’t have an argument, you can always just bring a gun.

And a more eloquent version:

Anyway, what we have here is a situation where a relatively small minority of Americans are claiming the right, ultimately backed up by their possession of weapons, to define the True Nature of American Freedom…

How this differs in any important philosophical regard from the position, of, say, the Provisional Irish Republican Army, I cannot say.

How it differs in any practical sense, well (McVeigh cough) who knows.

But thank goodness we’re using all those intelligence resources to monitor semi-organized vagrants and pacifist grandmothers. Because they’re the real terrorists. Or something.

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5 Responses to Bullies With Guns: No Depth Too Low to Go

  1. amandinator says:

    Reblogged this on The Imp Strikes Back and commented:
    Mike the Mad Biologist has been cataloging how bullies hide behind the second amendment to justify threatening behavior. It’s pretty sickening.

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  3. Gingerbaker says:

    It is gratifying to know that there aren’t any assholes on the other side of the argument, using bad logic and character assassination in their armamentarium./snark.

    PZ has just stated that “gun fondlers are contemptible” in reference to this same article. That’s a pretty damned broad brush, almost as bespattering as his definition of “men’s rights activists”. Bigotry from sanctimonious atheists is… bigotry.

    That said, the guys doing this harassment are below contempt. Beware of using the behavior of these few assholes as an indictment of all gun owners (fondlers or not). Somehow, I think you are going there.

  4. Dbp says:

    Notice how he said gun fondlers and not just gun owner? Because he means creepy weirdos whose lives apparently revolve around the ability to shoot people to death. And all MRAs are assholes. By definition they are, at best people putting the rights of a majority at the expense of the rights of a minority. They are bad people and they only get worse from there.

    But don’t let those facts get in the way of your sanctimonious anti PZ gibberings. The people in the article are the type of people who are “gun fondlers” to him. It’s worth noting that several members of his commentariat are gun owners and he has yet to tell them to fuck off or anything, because they are not creepy weirdos with murderboners.

    Also if he was just using bad logic and character assassination (which he isn’t and since I can’t see an actual difference of opinion between you two here, maybe you’re just being overly whiny and defensive of bad people), that would still be better than what the assholes in this article were doing, because they were actively threatening a paralyzed victim of gun violence with more gun violence. You have equated the two in your comment and if you can’t tell the difference between the two actions, holy shit your parents did an awful job raising you. I would recommend suing them and/or exiling yourself to the furthest unpopulated island.

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