Links 5/15/14


The “Hypothetical Protein” Problem (excellent)
Improving air quality in NYC would boost children’s future earnings by increasing IQ
The Case for Junk DNA
A Week of Irony
Denmark: Three Deaths from Drug-Resistant “Pig MRSA”


The problem with Thomas Piketty: “Capital” destroys right-wing lies, but there’s one solution it forgets (excellent)
Piketty on Class Structure
Victims of campus rape should be dialing 911
Now we know: Rejecting the Medicaid expansion could kill nearly 6,000 people each year.
Best road sign EVAH!
The relatively low compensation of infectious disease specialists
Recall That Ice Cream Truck Song? We Have Unpleasant News For You
I Went to the Nutritionists’ Annual Confab. It Was Catered by McDonald’s.
Apples Beats (“I submit that Apple is the largest wearable computing device maker in the world”)
Obamacare Saves Lives, But That’s Not Really Its Big Benefit
How Massachusetts screwed up Obamacare
Plaintiff Maligns Deal in Silicon Valley Suit
Andrew Ross Sorkin, Timothy Geithner, and the Three Card Monte Model of Propaganda
Neil deGrasse Tyson and the value of philosophy

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  1. Bayesian Bouffant, FCD says:

    13000 year old skull in Yucatan supports Beringian hypothesis. More bad news for “alternative” theories to the colonization of the Americas.

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