Links 4/29/14

Links for you. Science:

The diagnosis of infectious diseases by whole genome next generation sequencing: a new era is opening
Overfishing has wiped out 96 percent of Pacific bluefin tuna
Baby Lobsters Are Disappearing, And Warming Oceans May Be To Blame
Why Are Doctors Skeptical & Unhelpful about Chronic Fatigue Syndrome?
Christians have grabbed ‘theocratic control over public schools’ in Louisiana, critic says


Obama’s Bad Pick: A Former Lobbyist at the F.C.C. (this was entirely his doing)
Most of What You Think You Know About Sex Trafficking Isn’t True
Sotomayor and Equality
Cliven Bundy reminds the conservative press the dangers of touting extremist cranks as national heroes
Cliven Bundy Wants to Tell You All About ‘the Negro’. This won’t end well.
U.S. on Highway to Flunking Out
The Case for American Nationalism
Where I Disagree with Chris Hayes on “Understanding” Conservatives
Six Years Later (seems relevant to the previous link)
Kids Don’t Learn Better Just Because They’re Young ‘Little Sponges’: What Really Works
By Sheer Coincidence, Conservative Martyrs Keep Turning Out to Be Huge Racists
The Trial of Cecily McMillan
On money and meaning
Russia’s Surveillance State

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  1. hipparchia says:

    everybody’s “problem” with “understanding” “conservatives” is the same, and multi-fold:
    1. they don’t want to understand them, or convince them, they just want to make them confess – in public – to being wrong. na ga happen. nobody likes to do that, whatever their ideology. talking to my conservative friends irl, I just lay out the facts and my arguments on whatever topic we’re disagreeing on, and let them go off and think about it on their own.
    2. these “conservatives” are not conservative, they’re far right radicals, or people who would otherwise be conservative but can be swayed by far right radical arguments.
    3. the bigger problem I run into is that “progressives” are enthralled with conservative ideas (ppaca, anyone?) than are the far right radicals. most of my far right friends LOVE the idea of Sweden’s health care system, even when I point out that it’s truly socialized medicine.

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