Links 2/19/23

Links for you. Science:

Biden administration’s rule for federal scientists is a ‘gag order’, critics say. Federal scientists would largely be barred from publicly discussing research, which could have a ‘chilling effect’ (1-this is awful; 2-most people in public health–who are government employees–are already muzzled; something to consider when you hear about ‘what people in public health think’)
Orca Moms Pay a High Price to Feed Large Adult Sons
Bill would ban the teaching of scientific theories in Montana schools
Accurate and fast graph-based pangenome annotation and clustering with ggCaller
We were promised smaller nuclear reactors. Where are they?
Two new studies paint encouraging picture of Covid-19 vaccine’s performance


The Rot Economy (excellent; would add there are too many people running things with too much money to fail. Tax them more, as it’s not just about low interest rates, though in a low tax environment, it becomes that)
For Older Americans, the Pandemic Is Not Over. Seniors are increasingly left to protect themselves as the rest of the country abandons precautions: “Americans do not agree about the duty to protect others.”
The Twilight of the Deficit Hawks: Democrats have stopped being the willing partner in a great conspiracy to slash social insurance.
Free Speech Enthusiast Matt Yglesias Refers to Book Bans as “Identity Politics for Librarians”
As Popular Metro Watchdog App Shuts Down, Transit Agency Promises More Transparency On Service Performance
American Dream For Rent: Investors elbow out individual home buyers. Metro Atlanta is ground zero for corporate purchases, locking families into renting.
The Man Who Invented Himself
Bowser Administration Officials Advance McPherson Square Clearing With Help from NPS
If You’re Thinking COVID Is Over… Here’s What I Wish You Knew
Republican-Led House, In Which D.C. Has No Vote, Passes Measures Repealing Two D.C. Bills
Fear of a Female Body: Controlling women’s bodies is a hallmark of religious fundamentalism. Why are liberal institutions getting on board?
I, too, have flown a giant balloon over North Carolina. China says it lost control of a huge, sensor-filled balloon, which then drifted across our state “by mistake.” I know what that feels like. Ten years ago, the same thing happened to me.
Rich Bay Area towns mull ‘disturbing’ scheme to dodge low-income housing. Affluent enclaves are openly weighing whether to use developmentally disabled adults as a low-income-housing loophole
As grocery prices climb, millions of New Yorkers brace for the end of pandemic-era food stamps
Not Just COVID: 4 Other Ways Face Masks Can Help Your Health
Abortion & Snitch Culture: The plan for abortion ban enforcement? People ratting each other out.
An Interview with a Living Vampire
Mike Pence, would-be president, has a plan to kill Social Security. It will cost you
Kareem Abdul-Jabbar Is Greater Than Any Basketball Record
4 reasons why Democrats aren’t lining up to run against Biden
Sometimes There Just Is No Lesser Evil Running– So The Democrats Lost CA-13, A Nice Blue District
MAGA Republican Rep. Anna Paulina Luna Claimed Jewish Heritage. Her Family Says That’s Not True.
DeSantis wanted to ban guns at event, but not to be blamed, emails show
Black ranchers claim ‘terrorism’ by white neighbors in El Paso County

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