The White House Should Not Allow Fox News to Its Daily Briefings

Last week, we learned–more like confirmed–that Fox News hosts and executives knew the electoral fraud stories they were peddling were utter bullshit. While it’s laughable that the legacy media finally are beginning to realize that Fox News is a propaganda arm of the Republican Party, we shouldn’t forget what Fox New did: they whipped millions of Republican supporters into a frenzy, convincing them that Democrats stole the election. This isn’t the usual cut and thrust of politics. They played a role in undermining the peaceful transition of power.

The least the White House could do is not give them a seat at their press conferences. Mind you, this isn’t censorship. No one is being arrested or intimidated. There is no financial harassment. But, given the limited number of seats, there’s no reason to give one to overt liars, who helped enable the January 6 insurrection. Stop rewarding bad behavior. And for those who argue this will make Fox News the victim, you’re wrong for two reasons. First, Fox News, as a Republican propaganda outlet, will behave horribly anyway. Second, every time the right tries to make this the story, they’re doing exactly what you want: reminding normies that Fox News is Republican propaganda (the regular viewers are a lost cause).

It’s the right thing to do, and won’t do any harm. Don’t let Fox News attend daily briefings.

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