Links 2/20/23

Links for you. Science:

Students and postdocs deserve more
Fish can recognize themselves in photos, further evidence they may be self-aware
Will Nasal Vaccines Lift Us Out Of The Pandemic?
Vaccine study that has people worried is being misinterpreted. Cleveland Clinic paper does not say the bivalent booster increases the risk of catching COVID, but rather, that it reduced infections by 30 per cent.
California’s trees are dying by the millions. Here’s why.
Hugh Auchincloss was Anthony Fauci’s longtime deputy. Now he’s taking his job as House Republicans probe the pandemic.


Many people ask me how to work with schools to implement Corsi-Rosenthal Boxes. I want to share a story about one small school in a rural community in Arizona that is doing it right.
America isn’t prepared for the end of the COVID emergency
Trump campaign paid researchers to prove 2020 fraud but kept findings secret. An outside firm’s work was never released publicly after researchers uncovered no evidence that the election had been rigged for Joe Biden
Under Wu, residency waivers for Boston municipal jobs have spiked. Does it matter?
Top Democrat who leads Hispanic caucus under fire. The Congressional Hispanic Caucus now has no staffers on its payroll after all employees quit or found new jobs
New York Plans To Lift Mask Mandate In Medical Settings
A teacher plans to pay off every student’s meal debt at his school. The Virginia teacher’s effort is admirable. It’s also shameful that effort is needed.
Boston is paying landlords to house formerly homeless people. Will it help?
To avert ‘poppy apocalypse,’ California city closes canyon to visitors
She helped kids and teachers solve problems. Can she do the same for Boston Public Schools?
A new history unveils the exploitative origins of the tech giants
The best treatment for COVID-19 could be the one you can’t get. The FDA turned down a request from Eiger BioPharmaceuticals for emergency use authorization of its promising treatment for COVID. It should reconsider its decision.
Brazil races to restore art damaged in capital riot
Congress Shouldn’t Clap for Tyre Nichols’s Parents—They Should Apologize. Many of the people rising for Nichols’s parents during the State of the Union didn’t do enough to prevent his death—and quite a few did worse than that.
Northern Va. is the heart of the internet. Not everyone is happy about that.
“The Florida of Today Is the America of Tomorrow”: Ron DeSantis’s New College Takeover Is Just the Beginning of the Right’s Higher Ed Crusade
Memphis police culture comes under scrutiny after Nichols beating
Senate Democrats must reject homophobic bigotry, fear mongering, and confirm Biden’s FCC nominee
Sorry, Republicans, no one should trust your word on Social Security
What’s at stake in the Wisconsin Supreme Court election?
I should care more about Hunter Biden. Here’s why I don’t.
Bill Clinton Has Left the Building
Gentrification by Fire: The West’s new climate is exacerbating housing inequality in the quintessentially blue state of California (happened after 1968 burnings in cities too)
Meet the Man Fueling Clean Energy Opposition in the Midwest
Will the Education Culture War Backfire on Republicans?

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