Links 3/11/14

Links for you. Science:

Psychiatry Now Admits It’s Been Wrong in Big Ways – But Can It Change?
Why you want to save the whales, but not the crickets: Not all wildlife is created equal in our eyes, and our perception matters a lot when it comes to conservation
The Biological Warfare of Very Small Wasps
Next-generation sequencing must die! (my thoughts here)
Can Science Breed the Next Secretariat? How a “speed gene” test is stirring up horse racing and athletics.


Kids, it’s time to ride the T to school
Momentum for new charter schools stalls
The Sociopathic 1 Percent: The Driving Force at the Heart of the Tea Party (the title notwithstanding–I don’t think this motivates rank-and-file Tea Partiers–this is a must-read)
Let’s Please Put the Myth of the Iron-Willed Putin to Rest Once and For All
Pick a Party
The power of small data in education
High Noon
Save the Postal Service
On Giraffe-gate: How syndicated news and sensational headlines blew a routine zoo operation out of control
The Secret Auden
The world owes $57 trillion. Who the F*** to? Mars? Jupiter?
We are all right-wingers now: How Fox News, ineffective liberals, corporate Dems and GOP money captured everything
I Opted My Kids Out of Standardized Tests. Then I learned a thing or two.

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