The Danger of Having Rich People Fund Your Party

Howie Klein makes an interesting observation about the high finance divas who meddle in politics:

Good luck working with a bunch of ego-centric divas, folks– and I know. In the music business I worked with some highly successful divas with… let’s say “minds of their own”– like Madonna, Stevie Nicks, Joni Mitchell, Chaka Khan, Rickie Lee Jones, Cher. They all earned a right to make decisions– right or wrong– and they were very aware of it. Yasha Levin, writing for Pando Daily this week, covered the cash-rich attempt of Ro Khanna to unseat progressive icon Mike Honda in CA-17, the Silicon Valley. “Ro’s appeal,” he writes, “to the inflated egos of Silicon Valley billionaires– and their delusional belief in the transformative and utopian power of tech– is a bit nauseating.

While the divas Klein worked with might hold really strong opinions, there was a functioning feedback mechanism: if their music sucked, they didn’t sell albums. Financial divas, their paranoia notwithstanding, typically don’t have to much to lose in an election, whereas the professional politician can be out of a job (at least in the short term). So they can espouse all the crazy ideas they want with very few real consequences.

Just something the political class should keep in mind–the little people are always disposable.

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