Links 2/3/14

Links for you. Science:

Ants run vast honeydew ranches just under our feet
Mexico’s axolotl ‘water monster’ may be extinct in the wild (when a ‘model organism’ goes extinct, is it still a model?)
Organic Shmorganic: Conventional fruits and vegetables are perfectly healthy for kids.
Turn down the thermostat to lose weight
We Discovered Too Late That Tortoises Are Expert Landscapers
DNA sequencing company announce totally predictable plans


$10.10 (excellent; related thoughts here)
How Tom Perkins Transgressed the Unwritten Law (excellent)
‘Money and Class’
A tiny historical note about government police power and freedom
Zombie Trade Agreements
It’s Time to Cap and Trade Parking Permits
Hedgies Versus Teachers
In defense of Pete Seeger, American Communist
Boston named third best US city for public transit (compared to most other cities, it is quite good)
San Francisco’s Tech Problems
The Real State of the Union
5 Men Who Really Fucked America Over Part 1: Richard Nixon
Lessons learned from Outbox: All the challenges in the world can be overcome, except a sucky idea
5 Men Who Really Fucked America Over Part 5: “Ronald Reagan”
Lamar Alexander Proposes Sweeping Voucher Legislation

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