Links 10/8/13

Links for you. Science:

Genomic data reveal that ants and bees are close relatives
Stink Bugs Rejoice at Government Shutdown: Just as a mass movement of stink bugs into homes begins, scientists working on controlling the problem are furloughed.
US scientists boycott Nasa conference over China ban: Nasa facing backlash from US researchers due to rejection of Chinese nationals from conference
US Antarctic research season is in jeopardy: Shutdown may force evacuation of US research stations.
What are “spheciform wasps”?


Inside the GOP, a report from Democracy Corps
Oh, the firebrands and the corporatists should be friends (excellent)
The Punishers Want To Run The Country or We Are All Tipped Waitstaff Now (very good)
President Obama’s Defeats May Turn Out to Be More Important Than His Likely Victory Over Republicans
The upper-end press corps is highly unskilled!
America Has Become a “Cheater-Take-All” Nation: Why do people like Tyler Cowen still equate wealth with merit? Many rich people are just crooks.
INVISIBLE CHILDREN: The Dumbest Adults in the World! Part 2—One different world
Culture of Fear: Miriam Carey’s Tragedy, and Our Own
Rafael and the Ninjas get to Have it Both Ways
3 Ways the NFL Denied Football’s Concussion Crisis (NFL joins the War on Science)
A Visit to the Slums of Alex Rodriguez
The Limitations of Presidential Politics for Progressives
“It’s Exactly The Opposite!”: MMT versus “Reality”
Radical Weathermen

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