Links 7/12/13

Links for you. Science:

Genes and Education: A Summary of a #GWAS Article in Twelve Languages
The Scrotum Is Nuts: Why are testicles kept in a vulnerable dangling sac? It’s not why you think.
The genetics of stupidity (or most large-scale studies are misspecifying the environment leading to overestimates of heritability due to genotype by environment covariance)
A Living Drug Cocktail
Pyura chilensis: the closest thing to getting blood from a stone (tunicates were the first organisms I studied)


Matthew Harwood, Counterterrorism in the Twilight Zone (must-read)
I’m Pro-Choice and Shit (excellent)
Cory Booker doubles down: The Senate frontrunner expands on his famous private equity comments — and defends his progressive cred to Salon
Teach For America’s Civil War (the pushback continues)
The Problem With the ‘Privacy Moderates’
Feeding, Clothing, Bathing (good point, but worth noting that most homeless are either temporary or phase in and out of homeless; the ‘incorrigibles’ you see on the street are the minority)
Wall Street Journal Op-Ed: Homeless Shelter Volunteers Are The Real Cause Of Homelessness
Why there’s a need for more transparency & context in op-eds
Sequester’s Head Start cuts slam families and communities
CIA Whistleblower John Kiriakou, in Letter, Describes Breaking Finger in Prison & Being Denied Treatment (and people still wonder why Snowden fled?)
Sequestration Pushes Head Start Families To The Precipice
Econ 101 is killing America (though see this; unfortunately, the version Lind espouses is what most people believe Econ 101 is–that hardly seems to be Lind’s fault)
Reforming Michelle Rhee: Running the show in D.C. didn’t work out. Now in Tennessee, she’s hoping cash is king.
Monopoly achieved: An invincible Amazon begins raising prices

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  1. The “genetics of stupidity” link seems to be wrong,a quick search doesn’t turn up anything obviously right… Can you repost it? Thanks!

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