Escaped Pet or Wild?

A couple weeks ago I found this specimen at the corner of Arlington and Marlborough streets in Back Bay, and it looked remarkably healthy, well-groomed, and nit-free for a ‘free-range’ individual. It also seemed very calm around a human (that would be me, by the way). So I ask you, is this an escaped pet or a just a very healthy wild specimen? It is the high-rent district after all:


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3 Responses to Escaped Pet or Wild?

  1. Physicalist says:

    Looks to me more like a pet rat than the ones I’ve seen running around the Boston streets.

  2. Barbara says:

    It might be tame, though white or pied rats are more common among pets. However, if it’s wild and tame you do NOT want to touch it. And upscale neighborhoods can have lots of rats. In my town, the “better” neighborhood where I live now has more rats than the “poorer” neighborhood where I lived for years. This according to an exterminator, not just my own observations.

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