Links 6/8/13

Links for you. Science:

Is our genome a straitjacket or a comfy sweater?: We can’t know how significant epigenetics is until scientists define it.
International partners describe global alliance to enable secure sharing of genomic and clinical data
US clinical-research system in need of review
Vaccine exemptions rising, tied to whooping cough
The Human Reference Genome – Understanding the New Genome Assemblies (good for non-specialists)


Virginia GOP Candidate E.W. Jackson Says Yoga Will Make Satan Possess You
Social Security should be expanded, not cut
U.S. Trade Nominee Has $490,000 in Cayman Fund
MOOCs do not Make for Successful Math Classes
Congress up in the air about losing nonstop flights
How Class Anxiety and Masculinity Fears Push Men to Work Longer Hours
Your student loan isn’t really a loan
Discouragement for young writers
What is “derp”? The answer is technical.
Jonah Lehrer Is Shopping a New Book About Love (funny)
Does a State Have the Right to Self-Destruct?
Revealed: NSA collecting phone records of millions of Americans daily
That IRS Conference in Anaheim Isn’t Really the Scandal Everyone Thinks It Is
“Republican Party doesn’t want black people to vote,” per Texas Tea Party

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