How To Blend In on Newbury Street

For those unfamiliar, Newbury Street in Boston has a lot of high-end stores. Which also makes it a prime target for shoplifters–from The Boston Courant:

On Monday, May 20 at 11:02 am, District 4 officers responded to a report of shoplifting at True Religion Jeans, 119 Newbury Street. A manager explained that a man had gone into a dressing room with two pairs of jeans but exited with only one. An employee confronted the man and checked his backpack. It didn’t contain any merchandise, so the suspect left. It then became clear how he had pulled a Houdini with the jeans: A security tag that had been removed was discovered in the dressing room.

The officers’ search for the suspect was unsuccessful. Apparently wearing $319 jeans is a good disguise on Newbury Street.

The Bourne Identity it isn’t, but still pretty crafty.

Never a dull moment…

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4 Responses to How To Blend In on Newbury Street

  1. Min says:

    “An employee confronted the man and checked his backpack.”

    Smart move, taking a backpack in. Otherwise he would have been more likely to have gotten caught.

  2. Bayesian Bouffant, FCD says:

    Maybe he left wearing the stolen jeans under his original clothes.

  3. kaleberg says:

    Do $319 jeans really look that much different from $39 jeans? (Maybe they look better than $3.99 jeans, but no serious shoplifter wears jeans that cheap.)

  4. peoriapress says:

    You can have my jeans for $17.25 plus postage.

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