Links 12/24/20

Links for you. Science:

Why Two Vaccines Passed the Finishing Line In a Year and Others Didn’t, and a Month 12 Roundup
What the Vaccine’s Side Effects Feel Like
A Shock to the PPE System: New Method for Recharging N95 Masks to Meet COVID Demand
Amid Pandemic, Scientists Reassess Routine Medical Care
The U.K. Coronavirus Variant: What We Know. A newly identified variant of the SARS-CoV-2 virus appears to be more contagious than established ones. Here’s what scientists know.


Bring Back the Superdole! By providing workers an extra $600 every week in unemployment insurance, the CARES Act delivered the most significant expansion of the welfare state since the 1960s — and delivered the Left its most impressive policy victory in years. We should demand that the government do it again.
Why many countries failed at COVID contact-tracing — but some got it right
Planes, Trains, and Relentless Ambition: Pete Buttigieg may not deserve to be transportation secretary, but the qualities that progressives hate could make him a great one.
Home for the holidays? An effort aims to get two dozen people into housing before Christmas.
Don’t cut in line for the COVID vaccine. Elites who do will be named and shamed.
Here’s what’s in the new $900 billion stimulus package
Engaging With Trump’s Die-Hard Supporters Isn’t Productive
UVM Faculty and Students Reel From Proposed Cuts (no deans though…)
Yes, your employer can fire you for traveling home for the holidays
The media’s defining failure of 2020
Robert McChesney: The Decline of American Journalism
The Desperate Last Days of Local News
The Horrors of Tyson
Tome raiders: solving the great book heist
Senator Amanda Chase Is What the Next Frontier of GOP Lunacy Looks Like
I was always terrified of wasting time. A cancer diagnosis made me reconsider.
Liberals Were Right to Fear the Supreme Court’s Election Intervention. The justices’ decision not to wade into a sloppy coup attempt is no victory for rule of law.
She Stalked Her Daughter’s Killers Across Mexico, One by One
Hollywood Deployed Lobbyists to Win Exemptions to Strict California Lockdown
Too Many Meetings
Sociopaths are Us

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