Links 5/2/13

Links for you. Science:

Shouldn’t All Those Internet Scientists Be Curing Cancer?
I wonder what happened to that lab?
Guest Post: Nine Reasons why the Supreme Court Should Side with Myriad and Affirm the Patenting of Isolated Human Genes (I’m poking you with a stick; this is a tortured misunderstanding of biology and technology from the get-go)
Politics of Public Research Funding
Diagnosing the Wrong Deficit


Actually Obama, Your Health Care Law Will Not Stop Medical Bankruptcy (I’ve been saying this for three years)
I’m still here: back online after a year without the internet (great read)
Governor Explains Away Poor Jobs Numbers: Most Unemployed People Are On Drugs (if this were really the case, wouldn’t the governor want to investigate this?)
European-Style Socialist Kenyan Usurper Destroys Private Sector And Explodes Jack-Booted Government Thug Rolls To Kill Freedom
Susan Crawford’s crusade against lousy, overpriced Internet providers
Delivered meals keep seniors in their homes
Back Bay Small Businesses, Nonprofits Eligible for Federal Loans
The Iraq Sanctions Myth
Blue Or Orange?
Wealth Inequality and Political Inequality
An Activist Teacher, a Struggling School, and the School Closure Movement: A Story from L.A.
The Gomez Phenomenon
An ink-stained stretch
The Ghetto Is Public Policy: The wealth gap is not a mistake. It is the logical outcome of policy and democratic will.

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